AJ Foundation donates to Hour of Grace Children’s Home

The AJ Foundation-Ghana in collaboration with Andrey Julia Dashin’s Foundation has donated assorted items to the Hour of Grace Children’s Home at Huhunya in the Eastern Region.

Dubbed “Feeding the Kids”, the foundation presented both consumable products and household accessories to the rehabilitation home.

According to Lady Akpene Justine Egbenya, Founder of AJ Foundation, it was important for individuals to lend a helping hand to children living in deprived communities.

She underscored that, giving children their basic needs including food, clothing, and shelter serves as a gateway to help them make their dream a reality.

Indicating that, caring for the needy children helps in eliminating hunger among African children which she calls “Zero Hunger for the Needy Children”.

On her part, the purpose of the donation to the children at Hour of Grace Children’s Home was to help sustain them in their day-to-day life activities as part of harnessing their potentials for the future.

Highlighting the “Zero Hunger for the Needy Children”, the Founder said it aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 1 which is “to end poverty in all forms and dimensions by 2030”.

Also, she addressed that, good nutrition forms the basis of quality health among children and helps them to survive and prevents some sicknesses.

According to her, the mission of AJ Foundation-Ghana is to create awareness and provide healing, hope for the uninsured communities towards achieving quality health care, quality education, zero hunger and entrepreneurship development.

Narrating an ordeal, while growing up, she said “I grew up in a village where we had no health facilities and health workers to cater for patients suffering from a disease”.

Lady Akpene stressed that one would have to travel a long distance between six and ten miles before accessing healthcare.

This, she said endangers health conditions in deprived communities and must be a thing of the past.

She called on organisations, both local and international to help achieve this dream and emulate the gesture.

According to the Founder, since five years of the foundation’s existence in Ghana has made several donations in some parts of the regions.

“it has empowered women and given equal opportunities to children in deprived communities”, she added.

Mr Lawrence Gbengor, Father of the Hour of Grace Children’s Home received the donated items and commended the foundation for the gesture shown to the children.

Also, Mr Clifford Ewudzie, a Representative of AJD Foundation expressed happiness in seeing smiles on the faces of children when they are being given support.

source: https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/AJ-Foundation-donates-to-Hour-of-Grace-Children-s-Home-1226602

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